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One light Rifle
(.270, 30.06, 7mm Magnum, 300 Winchester Mag.,.300 Weatherby)
With variable power scope, 2-7 or 2.5-8
With rifle sling
80 round~of ammun'~on, (soft point)
Hard gun case
Soft gun case, sock type

One Heavy Rifle (when required)
(.375 H&H Mag., .458 Winchester Mag., .416 Rem, etc.)
With variable power scope 1.5-4
With rifle sling
20 rounds of ammunition, (soft point)
20 rounds of ammuntion, (full metal jacket)
Hard gun case - for both guns
Soft gun case, sock type
Shotgun 12 Ga. (optional)
Ammo for your shotgun - discuss with your PH.

3 Pairs of cotton trousers - khaki or green color
3 Shirts - cotton, long sleeve
1 Khaki coat with hood or lightweight brown down jacket with hood
1 Hat - your choice
5 Undershirts
5 Undershorts
5 Handkerchiefs
1 Belt
1 Pair of camp shoes
1 Pair of leather boots - lightweight - similar to those used for bird hunting
1 Down vest or wool sweater
1 Jogging suit - for sleeping
1 Pair of light leather gloves - similar to golfing gloves
1 - Folding Knife
2 - Chap-Lip
2 - Rifle shell holders and carrier - belt Ape
2 - Wash -cloths
Suntan lotion
Camera - 35mm with flash and extra batteries for camera and flash
Plenty of 35mm film
Camera - video (optional) and accessories
Binoculars - your choice
Medications and recommended shots - see your doctor
Personal travel kit - razor, etc.
Candy (optional)
Belt for canteen
Flashlight and extra batteries
Plastic bags - Ziploc, small and large
Tape measure
Water purifier - optional
Extra prescription glasses if you need them
Dermassage lotion or similar type for dry skin
Collimator (optional) to check the zero point of your rifle daily

Travel Documents
Visa - when required
Reading material
Phone numbers - foreign - etc.
Confirmation of hotel reservations and/or car rentals
Air tickets
Medical records - as required


Nights are cool and a jacket is usually required for riding on a truck or sitting outside near the
campfire. Do NOT bring any camouflage clothing. Normal voltage supply in Africa is 220 volts -
50 cycles and the plugs are special.



Dear Sportsman Visiting South Africa with Firearms,
(Rifles, Shotguns and Revolvers).

I. U.S. Customs Registration
To facilitate bringing the firearms back to the U.S., you should register them with the U.S. Customs office. Offices are usually located in all major cities check your phone directory or call directory assistance for the nearest office.  It is necessary to take the firearms to this office to confirm model and serial number. See attached sample of form.

II Transportation of Firearms
Firearms should always be transported unloaded and locked in a heavy plastic or metal case.

III Insurance
A. If you are a NRA member you normally have some protection for the firearms
    Being transported.
B. Also check with your Homeowner's insurance agent to see if your policy covers
    the loss of firearms.
C. You can also get additional baggage insurance-through Custom
    Travel. Application forms will be sent with your tickets.

IV Permits in South Africa
The permit to transport firearms and ammunition in South Africa is obtained at the airport. This permit is good for 180 days, and it is issued by the police before you leave the airport Customs area. The procedure is simple: Take your guncase with the firearms to the Customs Officer in the area marked "Goods to Declare" and indicate that you need a permit for your firearms. A form will be given to you to complete, and shortly after that your permit will be issued. The permit is free and the procedure is simple.

V. Ammunition
A. Do not take shotgun ammunition with you on the trip. is readily available in South Africa.
    It is too heavy, and is readily available in south Africa
B. Rifle ammunition should be packed in your Rifle Case or inside of a hard case for protection. The rules change         often, so it is always a good idea to call the airlines before your
    trip to ask for their recommendation.

The above guidelines are based on my experience traveling to South Africa, however the rules can change at any time.


Good Hunting!

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