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ca Equipment List 

The items listed below are recommended

minimum equipment for non-outfitted hunts

(1) Tent--good quality (water and wind resistant) with extra lines and stakes
(2) Sleeping bag and pad (or go-kots) temperature get into 20's in September
(3) Cook stove-prefer type that uses white gas; propane-type use more fuel
(4) Cooking and eating utensils, garbage bags, paper towels, etc. 
(5) Collapsible 5 gallon water containers (2 for 2 people)
(6) Food and spices--try to keep weight and bulk to a minimum
(7) Pack frame with bag, as you can pack a lot of your gear in the pack
(8) Meat bags and tarp (8x10 "/grommets) to cover meat
(9) Salt for animal hides--5 lb. bags stored in ziplock bags to keep dry
(10) Raingear--good coat and pants as it does rain hard
(11) Two changes of clothing with extra socks
(12) Hip boots--optional for caribou, a must for moose
(13) Weapon--gun, bow, slingshot, fishing-pole, etc.
(14) Optics--recommend spotting scope and binoculars
(15) Camera, film, and flashlight
(16) Knife and saw to remove antlers
(17) Personal toiletry items, pills, band-aids, toilet paper, etc.
(18) Hunting license and tags

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